The Table as a Token

„The table to share with the world.“

The NFTable is the centre of a penthouse apartment in Francfort, Germany overlooking the river Main.

From the table you can see the European Central Bank and the Football Stadium.

The table is the place where friends meet, where they share food, thoughts and ideas. It is a place of open minds and diversity, of delicious healthy foods and refreshing beverages, of joy and happiness.

The table is made from black Italian marble. It is of exceptional beauty and a unique piece of nature.

It combines fine grain structures with geometric figures. The included metals shine white as brilliants and warm as gold, where the basic colour is a deep shiny black.

We want not only our friends in close proximity, but people from all over the world to be at the table. So we took pictures of the surface and minted them into NFTs. Every picture shows a piece of about 4×3 cm and is shot in 10M. The table is located at

You can buy a virtual piece on NFTable1 Marketplace on OpenSea

When you buy the NFT, you get a secret code to come back here and register to join the community. Everybody who owns an NFTable piece will be invited to at least once to sit at the table.

The NFTable is a symbol for the decentralized world that comes together.

Blockchain and related technologies enable a decentralized world with souvereign individuals. Electronic art in a virtual world made by anonymous artists or AI have arrived.

The NFTable is a link between this new world and the world where nature creates the most amazing art and communities help to relate the individual to the world.

In the slider above you can see some of the pieces from the table. Below you find the exchange, were you can make a piece your own.

Once down you come back and make yourself visible.

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Find your piece of the table on NFTable1 Marketplace on OpenSea

Make yourself visable!

Every owner of an NFTable piece can show up here.